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Barcelona Kettler Go Kart

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Little Bird is a boy that loves being outdoors, he loves playing with the children in our street and his cousins as long as it involves being outdoors he’s there. Little Bird took on a challenge recently and that was to put a Kettler Go Kart through its paces!! We were sent the Kettler Barcelona to test out and Little Bird was so excited when it arrived and could not wait to start.

Kettler go kart Barcelona


Yvolution A3 Air Y Fliker

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A few months ago we where sent the Yvolution A3 Air Y Fliker to review and I do not know who was more excited me or the children. It arrived whilst the children were at school so how could I refuse putting it together and taking it for a spin around the block whilst they were out. I was eager to see how this worked, I had seen a few children on them at school but wanted to get to grips with it with out the children around.


Micro Scooters save the day

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We have been a massive fan of Micro Scooters for quite some time now, I have had my Micro Scooter for about two years and love nothing more than going out for a ride with the children. Its a great way to keep up with the children as they whizz around the streets and tracks having fun. I have had lots of comments about me on my scooter when I have been out with the children, most people think that I am using their scooters but I love filling them in and telling them that it is actually mine.

A few months ago we took all of the children to Ferry Meadows in Peterborough, its one of our favourite places to scoot round because of the long smooth tracks around the lakes its the perfect place to scootering. Mr M came with us but struggles to walk far because of a major knee injury that was caused by a skiing accident many years ago. He didn’t know how he would get on walking around the lakes whilst the children scooted so I took my Micro Scooter with me just in case he needed it. Its bright pink but half way around he was struggling to walk so he set to work chasing the children around the lakes on my scooter. He soon discovered that this was actually the perfect way for him to get about whilst having fun with the children.


Zinc GTX-R Spark Scooter

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A few weeks ago me and the children met up with a friend of mine and her children at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough so the kiddies could scoot around the lakes. As we were getting the scooters out of the car my friends son came over with his scooter he received for his birthday and said “watch this!” He scootered away from us and then came back at full speed and put his break on. The children stood in awe looking as his scooter sparking when he hit the break.


Sunday 6th January 2013 'Feeding the Ducks' (6/365)

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Today we went to Ferry Meadows in Peterborough for a walk. It was clear when we were there that it had been flooded recently, it was quite muddy and wet everywhere. The children enjoyed biking around and feeding the ducks, Daddy Bird who has been getting fit recently decided to run around one of the lakes whilst Big Bird raced him on his bike and I walked slowly next to Little Bird trying desperately to speed him up.