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Maya The Bee on DVD

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Join Maya The Bee and friends on digital download and DVD as it hits the shops tomorrow. Maya is a busy little bee, ready to leave her hive and live in the meadow. The world is just too big and too fascinating to remain confined to the restricted life of the hive. But soon Maya realises that a bigger challenge beckons and that together with her friend Willy, she must return and save their hive from the greedy queen’s advisor and end the long-term hostility between bees and hornets. This is your chance to join Maya and her friends as they set off on their “un-bee-lievable” adventures.


The Power of Facebook – There is Two Sides to Every Story!

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Facebook is a pretty amazing platform in the social media world, it’s the one that always crops up first when talking to bloggers, pr companies or any other social media expert. I joined Facebook about 7 years ago just after I had given birth to Little Bird. I found it the perfect place to keep in contact with family and friends and I enjoyed sharing photos and information about life with the children as they grew up.


Facebook became my lifeline as the children’s father worked away a lot and I found myself on it most nights when the children went to bed, it was the ideal place for me to catch up with friends and family. When the children’s father left the first thing I did was block him and his family on Facebook, as I needed to shut down my world so everything I did, did not get back to him.

Eight months on …..

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Its been eight months since mine and the childrens world was turned upside down. When it first happened I remember thinking I can’t wait for the heartache and pain to ease and pass, looking back I would have expected at this point to be in a better place but unfortunately I am not. I thought the up and down days would be a thing of the past by now and that I would happily be moving on and enjoying life. Unfortunately over the last few weeks those days have returned and I don’t know what I am getting up to every morning. I have had enough of the control one person has had over me and my life for the last eight months. I have carried on but I am half the person I used to be, I feel like my heart was ripped out, stamped on and shoved back inside my body and left for me to carry on.

Don’t get me wrong I am happy, I am lucky enough to have an amazing man in mine and the childrens lives but just recently I have had many knock backs and I have started to feel I am slowly returning back to where I was six or seven months ago. Things are still not good between me and the childrens father, too much hurt, heartache and pain has been caused between us that I do not think it will ever be repaired. Do I want it repaired? …. I really don’t know. When he left us it was the worst thing he could have done to me and his children, I don’t think I will ever forgive him for what hes done.

Little Birds First Firework Display

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Last night I took the children along to our local Rugby Club to watch the firework display. It is always a spectacular performance but one we normally watch from the car mainly because Little Bird has not been keen on the noise. This year he really wanted to go and stand in the field with everyone else and as we got free tickets from my partner how could we refuse.


School reunion

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Last night I attended my first school reunion, its been around 20 years since I left school and I had been looking forward to this evening for weeks. I do see alot of people from my school days regularly around my village but there were some people that were traveling along way to be with us and I couldn’t wait to see them.

DSCN7449I am lucky that I am still in touch with the girls that were my best friends at school (in above photo), we have grown up and been through so much together and still stand strong as school buddies. We have been together through weddings, parties and now we get to enjoy time together with all of our children as they grow up together too. I love that we are still in contact and even though sometimes we can go weeks without seeing each other we are only a phone call away if we ever need each other. 

A new word in my life …. Happy

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There is one word that I have started using a lot recently and that is ….. Happy. I never thought I would say this word or even feel this word again after the six months I have but I was wrong. Happy is a word I use daily to tell family and friends how I am feeling. I have so much in my life to be happy about and I feel really lucky and proud of myself for getting through the last few months and ending up with a smile on my face.

Six months ago my life hit rock bottom and I have crawled my way through to where I am now. I am back on my feet, standing tall, smiling and happy once again. I never thought I would get here but I have. The children are happy, I am happy and the people who are in direct contact with me and my family are all happy and makes me smile.