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For the Love of Bingo

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When I was little my parents used to run a weekly bingo session at our local village hall, from such a young age I have attended Bingo, helped out, run raffles, checked winners cards etc so I guess you could say its in my blood. As I have got older I have played Bingo with the children, taken them to their school bingo sessions and also attended our local one at the village hall near my childrens school.

Xeno Pacific Blue

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One toy Little Bird really wanted last Christmas but Santa did not get was Xeno. I first came across Xeno at Dream Toys in London at the end of  last year. When I first saw them I thought …. ewwww! I was instantly drawn to the long green snot that was hanging from his nose and knowing that Little Bird was a child thats grown up since he came off Baby Formula replused by anything green around anyones nose I was slightly surprised when this appeared on his Christmas list. When Little Bird went on his first school trip he had to move seats because one of the children had dry snot around his nose and it made Little Bird feel sick so I thought there was no way he would like this toy. I asked at Dream Toys if I could cut the snot off and was told no because it was one of the sensors that activates this toy.


Easter Ideas from Waitrose

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Easter is about new life and Waitrose have created an Easter hunt game that will take your children on an adventure to explore the signs that spring has arrived. The game can be played in the garden, park, at a local farm or even in the house if the weather isn’t so good, so little planning is needed. Children will simply need to find and match questions and answers that you have hidden for them, its as easy as that. Waitrose

Kurio 10S

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A few months ago we were sent the Kurio 10S to review, we have all been testing it for you so we can give you our feedback. Firstly I would like to say that getting on the Kurio 10S to play was a difficult task for me, the children love it and would only let me watch when it first arrived. I had to be sneaky to get my go in when the children were either at school or asleep but slowly I managed to work my way around it all.


Slots – A great game to unwind with

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There are thousands of different games to choose from online, but an incredible amount of people choose to play online slots above all others. So what is it then that makes these types of games so popular?


Slots are great for people who don’t have that much free time and have no idea when they’ll have a free moment. You don’t need to book time to play slots; you can play whenever you want for as little or as long as you feel like. There’s also the fact that many casino sites now have mobile-friendly versions of slots, so they’re great for playing when you’re waiting for an appointment or are on a journey.


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I came across a new card game at Christmas in July and I knew straight away that the children would love it. The game I am talking about is Dobble, for those of you that have not heard of Dobble allow me to fill you in. Dobble is a card game that is made up of 55 playing cards. Each card contains 8 symbols, there is only one identical symbol in common between each card, it is up to you to find out which one.

Play bingo online for free

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Bingo-Balls by digby fire dept, on Flickr

There are many of us out there who like the idea of playing games like bingo and casino games online, but aren’t comfortable with the idea of putting any real money down to do so. So, instead of joining in the fun and signing up to a site where you can play these kinds of games, we don’t allow ourselves to do so and end up feeling like we’re missing out!

However, if that sounds like you, you might be pleased to hear that many of the games that you used to have to pay to play are now available to play for free online. For instance, there is a huge range of sites that now offer free bingo games.

Bingo has always been a great game as even though it’s cheap to play, you can be in with a chance to win some amazing cash prizes. And now many of the main bingo sites also offer free bingo games with huge prizes too. With bingo, there’s no strategy or skill involved – you just have to have luck on your side and buy a card that happens to have the right selection of numbers on it to win the game. You don’t even need to concentrate to play the online version of the game as the software will mark the numbers off for you.

If you’re playing on your own, there’s just something wonderfully mesmerizing about the game that makes it almost meditative and really helps you relax. But even though you can choose this way to play and make it a relaxing pastime, there are many more players out there who prefer bingo to other online games because of the social side attached to it.

Unlike many of the other games, bingo doesn’t need to be an exclusive and solitary pastime. That’s because of the lively atmosphere in many of the bingo chat rooms you’ll find online. People play in order to chat to other players as much as to play the game. You’ll find there’s a real community spirit among those playing the same game, all wishing each other luck and then congratulating the winner. But there’s plenty of time for chat about other subjects too; bingo is just the common link that brings different people together.

If you’ve not yet tried online bingo, then playing for free is a great way to start. All you need to do is choose a site to register with, and within a couple of minutes you could be playing your first game. It’s really easy to register, but if you get stuck, there’s always a help section or FAQ on the sites. Once you have started playing, you can always ask the chat host and other players questions while you’re in the chat rooms. It won’t be long before you can help other new players out yourself.

There are other free games as well that you can register to play for at sites you may have thought were the exclusive preserve of real money games – not just bingo. But if you’re looking for a game that’s easy, fun and exciting, then bingo is certainly all of those rolled into one.

My Blue Nose Friends App

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In April 2013 the creators of Me to You and Tatty Teddy & My Blue Nose Friends, Carte Blanche launched their first app, opening the door to an interactive world of Blue Nose Adventures with an exciting new Blue Nose Friends – Tatty Puppy app. Children from 4-8 years old will love playing with their favourite Blue Nose Friends, Binky the Panda, Passion the Lovebug, Blossom the Rabbit, Cottonsocks the Sheep, Peanuts’ the Hamster and Coco the Monkey, plus special appearances from other new friends.

The free app features a fun mini-game, Peanuts’ Biscuit Bake, which is set in Peanuts’ kitchen. Children will enjoy rolling dough and cutting biscuits into the shape of their favourite Blue Nose Friends. Peanuts puts the biscuits in the oven to bake and children can decorate them with brightly coloured icing, plenty of sprinkles and yummy sweets. Once the biscuits are ready, children can take pictures of their creations and send to their best friends.

The extended version of The Blue Nose Friends – Tatty Puppy App (RRP £1.99) comprises six games, Blossom’s Skip & Jump, Coco’s Beach Band, Passion’s Magical Garden, Cottonsocks’ Card Match, Binky’s Hide ‘n’ Seek and Peanuts’ Biscuit Bake.

  • Blossom’s Skip & Jump is set in a magical woodland. Children tap on the screen to get Blossom to jump over the skipping rope as many times as possible. To earn more points players can make Blossom jump extra high by twirling and summersaulting into the air and retrieving bonus fruit and vegetables.
  • Coco’s Beach Band has seven different instruments that can be shared between the five cute beach characters to create musical harmonies.
  • Passion’s Magical Garden is really bright and colourful! Using colour variations, children can create their own fun and unusual flowers like kissing flowers, chiming bluebells and sweetie flowers.
  • Cottonsocks’ Card Match is a memory game based around matching pairs. Children can play this game themselves or against their friends to see who can match the most of the Blue Nose Friends character car.
  • Binky’s Hide ‘n’ Seek. Binky hides in the magical virtual world and children can tilt and move their device to find him and earn puzzle pieces.

Tatty Puppy introduces the games and then leads players on a magical adventure through Tatty Teddy’s blue wardrobe. In the wardrobe are enchanted doors which open on to different games. Players can also watch story animations by unlocking pieces of a jigsaw puzzle during each game. Both versions of the app feature recognisable voices from the interactive Tatty Teddy & My Blue Nose Friends plush toys and encourage creativity, musicality, numeracy and memory skills.

Big Bird absolutely loves this app, she is mad about Tatty Teddies and her favourite game is the skipping games. She loves playing it with Blossom who is her favourite character.

The Tatty Teddy Blue Nose friends App is available on iOS from the 25th April and android from May. Free mini-game or full version £1.99.