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Growing up, love and being happy!

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When Mr M and myself got together it took me a while to get my head around the new relationships I was branching into with his family. My Mum has been friends with Mr M’s family for over 40 years, my Mum is a hairdresser and she first met Mr M’s Mum when she moved to this area and started doing her hair in one of the local salons. As they both had babies (yes thats me and my brothers and Mr M and his brothers and sister) they stayed in touch and my Mum continued to do Mr Ms Mums hair.


When my Mum had my brothers and myself she decided to be a stay at home mum and she took us everywhere with her. When I was a toddler I would go to Mr M’s house with my brothers and we would all play together. I have known Mr M’s family for such a long time, they all know alot about me, my children and my failed marriage because our mothers enjoy getting together and talking about everything.

The Best Year of my Life

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Its been just over a year since I met THE most amazing and incredible man that I have in my life right now. Mr M and myself have known each other since we were children, our paths crossed many times in our teenage years and then when we hit our early twenties we used to go out most weekends to the pub to play pool with a group of friends together. We never saw what we have now coming and that’s what I like the most. We have the most amazing connection, I feel like I have met my soul mate and we were always meant to be.

DSCN7440bI have without a doubt had the best year of my life with Mr M, he’s strong, funny, caring, brilliant with my children and with the added bonus of being sexy as hell!! I don’t think I will ever get tired of looking at him, sometimes I do just sit and stare at him after all its been a long time since I’ve had something as good as him to look at.

Happy 6th Birthday Little Bird

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6 years ago today I was blessed when my little boy arrived into this world and into my arms, it was a quick birth which ended in a whirlwind entry into this world for him. He kept me on my toes at the end of my pregnancy and I think I have been pretty much on my toes ever since. When you have your first born you do not think anything can touch that love you have for that child but don’t worry it does happen again when you have your second child and I imagine you still get that feeling with every child after that. This is one of my favourite photos of Little Bird it was taken 6 years ago today and he was just a few hours old.


My man … the one who makes me smile

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For the best part of this year my world has been upside down, I have had many ups and downs along the way its been a long hard road but I finally feel like I am starting to travel somewhere. Three months ago I went out for the first time as a single mum, I met and amazing man someone who was not a stranger, someone who I have grown up with and been friends with since we were babies. I believe in fate and the fact that he had just come out of a 14 year marriage like I had was clearly a sign not to be missed.

I had been a single parent for four months, bringing the children up full time alone was hard but I was doing it, looking back I don’t know how I got through it but I did. When I went on my first night out I wasn’t looking to find anyone else, I was looking to meet up with old friends and have a laugh, I never for one minute expected what I got.

After four months of ducking and diving and doing my best to keep my head above the water this man walked into my life. I will never forget our first meeting, it was lovely ….. we chatted about our partners leaving us and how we and our children had coped with it all. We exchanged numbers and kept in contact from there.


A new word in my life …. Happy

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There is one word that I have started using a lot recently and that is ….. Happy. I never thought I would say this word or even feel this word again after the six months I have but I was wrong. Happy is a word I use daily to tell family and friends how I am feeling. I have so much in my life to be happy about and I feel really lucky and proud of myself for getting through the last few months and ending up with a smile on my face.

Six months ago my life hit rock bottom and I have crawled my way through to where I am now. I am back on my feet, standing tall, smiling and happy once again. I never thought I would get here but I have. The children are happy, I am happy and the people who are in direct contact with me and my family are all happy and makes me smile.