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Goodbye 2014 ….. Hello 2015

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2014 was a year for mixed emotions, it contained many lows but I think the highs certainly out weighed the lows. At the beginning of the year we were told that Little Bird was on the scale for ASD, this took a while to get my head round but we are definitely dealing better with him now we know. We are still waiting for an appointment from the hospital for a full diagnosis which I can’t wait to happen this year then we will get more support at home and in school for him.

Big Bird enrolled into a lovely Brownies group, she was lucky enough to get in because there is a long waiting list but thankfully my sister in law works there and got her in. Our Brownie group had ended so the new group were allowed to offer a few spaces to our old group.

Camping Chef Stove from Campingaz

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At the beginning of August the Bird family went on their first camping trip. Three months ago me and Mr M found a 8 man tent cheap in a clearance shop and decided to take all of the children camping. I am not normally a camping kind of girl because I like my home comforts to much but once we bought the tent I started to look forward to it.


Sharing the children

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“I want to take them away” he said …… GULP!!! This was the day I had been dreading for the last year. I knew it had to come at some point but was hoping I had more time to prepare for it. I took that call a few weeks ago, the weeks flew by and sadly that day arrived.

The children went away camping last week with their father? I know they needed to do it, I know it’s good for them all but that doesn’t make it any easier when you feel like your children have been taken away from you for a week. I still find it hard that I have to lose out on time with my kids when none of this was my decision.


A weekend of markets and sand

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I had been looking forward to visiting Mallorca again for what feels like ages and after an uneventful journey consisting of me continually saying ‘Are we there yet’ like a 5 year old, we eventually arrived on the Balearic island. The plan was to meet up with my sister and her family for a couple of days’ exploring, followed by some relaxation and a good book on the beach.


My sister had heard about a couple of local markets and wanted to check them out so, never being one to turn down the opportunity of a good mooch around some stalls and shops, I agreed.

The PlayAway Case

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Last month I discovered something new and amazing and was over the moon when we were offered the chance to review it. It is of course the PlayAway Case. When I first saw this at a blogging event I knew straight away my children would love it. Now that the childrens father has left the family home my children now spend many nights away from me either with their Father or Nanny and Grandad so the PlayAway Case arrived at the perfect time for us.


Park Holidays St Osyth Beach, Disappointment

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Two weeks ago I wanted to book a break for me and the children to celebrate my daughters birthday, as you all may know by now we have had a difficult 6 months due to the children’s father walking out on us and I wanted to make her birthday special for her this year.

I searched online and came across the Park Holidays website and found what we thought looked like a lovely site called St Osyth Beach. The site looked clean, well maintained and a nice place to take the children and we were looking forward to visiting it.

Our Journey home from Majorca

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Two weeks ago I did something I would never have dreamed about doing six months ago. I jumped on a plane with my parents and children and headed to Spain in search of the sun. I was fine on the way to the airport and when we got on the plane but once we were up in the air it suddenly hit me that I was going to have to do the journey home on my own with the children. Then I began to freak out.

I really wanted to enjoy our holiday so I decided to not think about the flight home until the last possible minute. When it came to packing our bags I got on with the job in hand but I really didn’t want to leave. We had an early start in the morning and when our wake up call arrived at 5.15am I was not looking forward to the journey home.

My dad travelled back to the airport with me and the children, with his passport in hand just in case he needed to fly home with me. I had decided I would not let him fly back with me early on but it was nice knowing he would if I needed him too.

We left my Mum at the hotel and got on the bus back to the airport, the journey took around an hour and thirty five minutes to get to the airport because of all the pick ups along the way, the children were tired and the stops felt like they would never end. When we arrived at the airport I discovered straight away that our flight had been delayed. I was gutted this was my first flight home with just me and the children and there was a delay, I wasn’t happy.

When we got to check in, we were told there was an hour delay but it was looking like it could be more like two hours. I hate hanging around at the best of times and this delay was not doing well with my nerves. My dad told me that I still needed to go through security and head towards my plane even though we were delayed. I would rather have stayed with him for a bit longer but we had to go. As we said goodbye Big Bird began to cry and said she wanted Grandad to fly with us, that upset me but I had to be strong so I took the cases and the children and said goodbye to my Dad.

I put our bags through security and headed into the unknown, I had no idea what was going to be on the other side. On our tickets it said gate A, so we headed in that direction, then I realised that we needed a number. I asked someone who pointed me in the direction of the board with all the plane times and gate numbers on it. We waited what seemed like forever for a number to appear next to our flight number and then headed off.

I was really nervous that the children would play me up whilst I was on my own but they were brilliant, Big Bird especially was really good, she listened to everything I said and really helped me with her brother I was so proud of her.
When we got to our gate we had another wait, I got talking to a lovely older couple and it helped pass the time. The children were hot and bothered but sat lovely on their cases and played on their electronic gadgets. After around 40 minutes a bus arrived to take us to our plane. When we got to the plane we climbed up the steps and I was greeted by the easyJet staff who were waiting for me. I will tell you more about that in another post.

The staff knew I was worried about flying home so were expecting me, whilst the bus went off to get the second load of passengers the pilots called me and the children into the cockpit. I have always wanted to see inside the cockpit and now was my chance. Little Bird loves touching buttons and I was concerned he wouldn’t be able to resist but he was so well behaved, we spend around 15-20 minutes with the pilots they told me why they were delayed and explained to me how the flight was going to go.

The airspace around France was closed so we had to fly around Cornwall to get to Luton, when he showed me on the map how far it was I commented that it looked a long way round, thats when I was told that our flight was going to be three and a half hours instead of two hours, I was gutted. If I had heard that over the speaker I think I would have freaked out but because the pilots took their time to explain everything to me I wasn’t as bothered as I thought I would be. To be honest there was nothing I could do, if I wanted to get home then I had to do it.

As the second lot of passengers arrived we took our seats and prepared for take off. This was going to be my third ever take off and do you know what, I loved it. How weird is that. I seemed to enjoy how fast it was going and couldn’t wait for it to lift off, as we went up I looked out of the window and took photos. It was lovely to see Spain from up high because it was dark when we arrived so we missed it first time. Throughout the whole flight I was completely relaxed and enjoyed it. In the end it turned out to be three hours and fifteen minutes and it flew by, excuse the pun!! because I was relaxed this flight seemed shorter than the flight going out which felt strange.

Once we were up in the air me and the children played some games, had something to eat and basically enjoyed the flight home. We hit some turbulence around Cornwall where the pilot told us we would and I was fine with that, we arrived slightly earlier than expected and I had to laugh when we came into land because the plane bumped and bounced as we hit the run way. The air stewardesses looked mortified and both looked at me and said “are you ok?” I laughed and said “yes I am fine, I don’t care how we come down as long as we come down safely.” The girls looked at each other and commented that they knew which pilot had landed it. Then the pilot came onto the speaker and apologised for the bad landing. I actually thought it was funny but there were a few gasps from the other passengers and Big Bird screamed out and said really loud “that was brilliant, can they do that again?”

When the plane landed I was so proud of myself, I knew I only had to get my bags and my brother was waiting for us outside. When the plane stopped the pilot called the children in and had a chat with them for 5 minutes whilst I got my bags ready. As I walked across the tarmac I looked back at the plane and couldn’t believe I had actually done it. I rung my Mum straight away to say I had landed and I think the phone only did half a ring before she picked it up saying “are you there? how was it? are you ok? etc” I told her it was great and I enjoyed it and she shouted at me saying she had spent most of the day worrying about us. I am just pleased I didn’t let my dad fly home with us, I would have felt awful enjoying a flight knowing he was going to have to wait around hours to go back later.

Our suitcase was one of the last ones out and I was beginning to worry that it wasn’t there, I managed to lift it off the conveyer belt and we headed out to find my brother. I think I had a big smile on my face when I walked through the door because I had done it. Not only had I given the children the best holiday they could ever ask for, I also flew home on my own with the children. Like I said earlier I would never have dreamed of doing a flight with my husband and children six months ago but to do it on my own with the children was amazing and something I will never forget. I am so proud of myself.