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Lego Have Fathers Day Wrapped Up

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Fed up of the normal mugs, picture frames, “Worlds best Father” teddies that are about for Fathers Day?? Why not treat the man in your childrens life to something special this Fathers Day. Lego have a fantastic range of products that are aimed at everyone especially the dads. Mr M spends lots of time building Lego sets with Little Bird and he has a list of man Lego Sets that he would like to build.

I asked Little Bird to pick a couple of Lego sets that he thought Dads would like this Fathers Day. I think his decision was based a little bit on what he liked and also what he would like to build with Mr M who is the daily father figure in his life.


Lego …. Our Lifeline

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Lego is more than just lovely bright colourful bricks to us, Lego has been a massive part of our family life for the last four and a half years. Little Bird discovered Lego just before he turned 4 years old and I was soon to discover that it was going to be a lifeline for my son. When Little Bird turned 4 years old he was building Lego sets designed for children up to the age of 8 years old all on his own.


It didn’t take me long to release there was something special about my boy and their was something truly amazing between him and Lego bricks. After a long fight with hospitals and doctors we finally got a diagnosis two months ago that Little Bird has Aspergers Syndrome and high functioning autism. Every appointment we have had with the specialists and doctors we were quizzed about what he loves doing the most, every time we were asked that question and we would always reply with Lego!

Lego: The Angry Birds Movie 75826 – King Pigs Castle

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Both of my children have been big fans of the Angry Birds game for a very long time, we love it at Christmas when they bring out the Angry Birds Seasons and we look forward to our daily countdown game. A few months ago the children were excited to see a trailer for the new Angry Birds Movie that is out at the cinema now and Little Bird was even more excited when he heard that the Angry Bird range had arrived at Lego.


Lego 75904 Scooby-Doo Mystery Mansion

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Our latest Lego challenge landed on our doorstep last week, I knew what was going to arrive but Little Bird didn’t and I couldn’t wait to see his face. On Wednesday the postman delivered a very special Scooby Doo themed package and my Little Lego builders face was a picture, he has not seen the Lego Scooby range before and was really excited when he saw it, he couldn’t wait to get on and start building it.