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Happy 11th Birthday Big Bird

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Omg where did that time go? …. 11 years ago today my beautiful girl came into my life. She has kept me on my toes since the day she entered my life and I have a feeling she will keep me on my toes for the rest of my days as a mother too. In the last year she has grown up so much and slowly she has matured to the lovely little girl I see before me today.


Finally Getting Somewhere!!!

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The last few months have been pretty manic with lots to sort out, its been over two years since the childrens father left and I am pleased to say that I no longer have any ties to him other than our children. Its a relief that its all over and now me and the children can move on and look forward to the future.

Since Mr M and myself met each other we have been inseparable, when we did have the odd night apart we missed each other so much that we spent endless hours on the phone to each other. I was cooking for Mr M most nights of the week and it seemed silly that we were paying for two separate houses and one house was not getting used, so after alot of thought we decided to move in together.

Life with ASD

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Last week I met a mother at the park who’s little boy was about the same age as Little Bird and was diagnosed with Aspergers last September. We got talking about Aspergers and the appointments we are both waiting for and I was shocked to find out that like us the mother I was talking to had their first appointment when we did last February. We were both told we would be seen 6 months later for a full diagnoses, she had her sons appointment in September last year and we are still waiting.

On Tuesday I rung up for the fifth time to chase our appointment and I was told the same thing they always tell me. We are on the list and they do not know when it will be, I told them I was sent a complaint form in December last year but didn’t do anything with it as I didn’t want to complain I just want this appointment to come through. The lady on the phone told me to complain she said they rely on complaints to make things start moving so I rung up and logged my compliant. I now have someone going off to look into our appointment and then they will give me a call back.

More important things in life ….

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Seven months ago something drastically changed in my life, my husband left me and the children and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. I had a simple life before, I was the one who looked after the children, kept the house clean and tidy, did all the cooking and tidying up, kept the garden and cars in order …… this was my world. I was obsessed with cleaning, it was something I did everyday without fail.

My life has changed so much and I have relaxed about so many things thanks to my world being turned upside down. Firstly the cleaning of my house …. did it really need cleaning every single day? No I don’t think so. Did I really have to make sure my washing machine was running 10 hours a day? …. No I don’t think so. Did I really have to stand there all day ironing everything I had washed? …. definitely not!!!! So here is what happened.

My man … the one who makes me smile

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For the best part of this year my world has been upside down, I have had many ups and downs along the way its been a long hard road but I finally feel like I am starting to travel somewhere. Three months ago I went out for the first time as a single mum, I met and amazing man someone who was not a stranger, someone who I have grown up with and been friends with since we were babies. I believe in fate and the fact that he had just come out of a 14 year marriage like I had was clearly a sign not to be missed.

I had been a single parent for four months, bringing the children up full time alone was hard but I was doing it, looking back I don’t know how I got through it but I did. When I went on my first night out I wasn’t looking to find anyone else, I was looking to meet up with old friends and have a laugh, I never for one minute expected what I got.

After four months of ducking and diving and doing my best to keep my head above the water this man walked into my life. I will never forget our first meeting, it was lovely ….. we chatted about our partners leaving us and how we and our children had coped with it all. We exchanged numbers and kept in contact from there.



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Just recently I was asked to fill out a questionnaire about my life, I will explain later on this week to why. When I came across the question ….. Do you have any regrets in life? That really got me thinking. If someone would have asked me that question last year I would have said “No, I have absolutely no regrets in my life.” But unfortunately we are not living in 2012 its 2013 and now this questions has a whole new meaning to me.

I have been thinking long and hard about regrets recently and it would appear I do have them. I regret trusting and letting a person into my life for such a long period of time, giving them my all for it all to end in tears. I regret giving the person I love and trusted so much of my time and my life and more importantly giving them two of the most amazing gifts of all time, gifts that some families can only dream of.

As friends and family have pointed out I shouldn’t regret meeting that person because if I hadn’t of met them then I wouldn’t have those two amazing gifts that I have. But the truth is I do have that regret and I battle in my head everyday with the fact that we have been let down by the person we love the most. I regret giving someone 14 years of my life, thats a massive part of my life I will never get back, I feel really sad for the time I have wasted. The truth is I fought to keep my family together but with only one party trying it was never going to happen. So after 14 years all I have been left with is sadness, emptiness, loneliness and regrets!

So it would appear …. Regrets ‘yes I have a few.’ I am going to try my hardest to make sure I do not have anymore regrets in my life. The only one I have in my life right now is a pretty big one so I do not have room for more. My children deserve something better in life than the crap they have been dealt. I don’t want them growing up having regrets so I am going to make sure I try my hardest for whats best for them. Its funny how the answer to that question changed in a matter of months. As I am writing this post I have Robbie Williams song ‘Regrets’ going around in my head  like a stuck record it just won’t stop. Regrets do you have them??