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Lego Have Fathers Day Wrapped Up

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Fed up of the normal mugs, picture frames, “Worlds best Father” teddies that are about for Fathers Day?? Why not treat the man in your childrens life to something special this Fathers Day. Lego have a fantastic range of products that are aimed at everyone especially the dads. Mr M spends lots of time building Lego sets with Little Bird and he has a list of man Lego Sets that he would like to build.

I asked Little Bird to pick a couple of Lego sets that he thought Dads would like this Fathers Day. I think his decision was based a little bit on what he liked and also what he would like to build with Mr M who is the daily father figure in his life.


Iron Man 3

Written by mummybird. Posted in Review, Review - Toys

Little Bird is a big fan of Iron Man he loves watching him on the television and has a lovely collection of clothes with Iron Man on the front. Imagine how exited he was when his very own Iron Man 3 landed on our doorstep to review. He couldn’t wait to get him out of the box and start playing with him.

We have another little Iron Man fan in the family, my little nephew is crazy about him to.  He was on holiday when Iron Man 3 arrived but his Dad told me he had seen him in a toy shop when they were away and he was desperate to get his hands on him.

Iron Man 3 is a 15 inch tall sonic blasting figure from Marvel he is really well made, a sturdy replica of the television hero and is designed for children aged 4 years old + and comes with some fantastic features that children will love. Little Birds favourite feature is the lights, Iron Mans eyes and chest light up, he enjoys taking him to his bedroom and turning the lights out so that he can see the lights shine.

Iron Man 3 comes with 10 missiles that can be fired one at a time or all in one go by holding the button at the back, this is a fab feature that is run by a motorized rotating missile blaster, its a great toy that has bought a lot of fun and laughter into our house. Both of the children have enjoyed playing with him, I have been finding missiles all over the place and think that we will eventually start losing them but for now I am trying my best to keep them all together.

You can buy Iron Man 3 from any good toy or online shop, you will be looking to pay around £29.99