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Santas Barn – East of England Showground

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Yesterday we took the children to Santas Barn in Peterborough at the East of England Showground. The children were really excited about going and we were looking forward to seeing what was on offer, its the first year Santas Barn has been open and I only heard about it from someone through Facebook. We booked the day before and I had a chat with the man who runs in and it sounded like the perfect experience. Its run by parents so the main aim is for children to have fun with no queuing to see Santa. You book your time slot and arrive an hour earlier so the children can play and when your time comes round you head over to the winter wonderland walk and an elf takes you through to see Santa.

santas barn peterborough east of england showground

Micro Scooters save the day

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We have been a massive fan of Micro Scooters for quite some time now, I have had my Micro Scooter for about two years and love nothing more than going out for a ride with the children. Its a great way to keep up with the children as they whizz around the streets and tracks having fun. I have had lots of comments about me on my scooter when I have been out with the children, most people think that I am using their scooters but I love filling them in and telling them that it is actually mine.

A few months ago we took all of the children to Ferry Meadows in Peterborough, its one of our favourite places to scoot round because of the long smooth tracks around the lakes its the perfect place to scootering. Mr M came with us but struggles to walk far because of a major knee injury that was caused by a skiing accident many years ago. He didn’t know how he would get on walking around the lakes whilst the children scooted so I took my Micro Scooter with me just in case he needed it. Its bright pink but half way around he was struggling to walk so he set to work chasing the children around the lakes on my scooter. He soon discovered that this was actually the perfect way for him to get about whilst having fun with the children.


Zinc GTX-R Spark Scooter

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A few weeks ago me and the children met up with a friend of mine and her children at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough so the kiddies could scoot around the lakes. As we were getting the scooters out of the car my friends son came over with his scooter he received for his birthday and said “watch this!” He scootered away from us and then came back at full speed and put his break on. The children stood in awe looking as his scooter sparking when he hit the break.


Sunday 6th January 2013 'Feeding the Ducks' (6/365)

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Today we went to Ferry Meadows in Peterborough for a walk. It was clear when we were there that it had been flooded recently, it was quite muddy and wet everywhere. The children enjoyed biking around and feeding the ducks, Daddy Bird who has been getting fit recently decided to run around one of the lakes whilst Big Bird raced him on his bike and I walked slowly next to Little Bird trying desperately to speed him up.

Bretton Water Park Location

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I thought I would post a little bit more information on how to get to Bretton Water Park. Its a little gem of a place where children can go for FREE and enjoy the water jets. I have had lots of people on my site trying to find the location of the park as there is not alot on the internet about its location I hope you find this post helpful.

How to get there:

If you travel on The Soke Parkway toward the New Peterborough City Hospital. Turn off at the Roundabout to the new hospital and head toward Sainsburys at Bretton. Go straight through the Traffic lights at Sainsburys. At the next round about turn right, this will take you round the back of Sainsburys and towards Aldi Foodstore. There is a little road on your left before you get to Aldi (the water park is sign posted from here). Turn left down this road and then you will see a little track that looks like you shouldn’t drive down it. But this is a road, turn left onto the track it takes you through some trees and when you come out of the trees you will see the water park in front of you. You can park outside, on busy days there will be lots of cars there so you might have to walk for a few minutes.


It is open from 10.30am until 6.30pm.Its definitely worth a look, I promise your children will love it. I would recommend that you take a sun umbrella if you have small children/babies as there is no shade in the water park. I would also take plastic containers or watering cans so the children can fill them up and throw the water. We didn’t take these on our first trip to the park but I learnt and I take them now.


Review – Horrid Henry The Movie

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Today I took my daughter and my nephew to see Horrid Henry The Movie at the Showcase Cinema in Peterborough. The kids were really excited to go and we stocked up on sweets and popcorn before we went in. We found our seats and waited for the film to start.

The film is about a little boy called Henry who dreams of becoming a popstar, and runs rings around his parents. At school Henry and his friends are collectively known as The Purple Hand Gang. They clash with Moody Margaret and her gang of friends. A series of pranks in front of two school inspectors threatens the future of Ashdown Primary School and its long-suffering headmistress Miss Oddbod.

There is a fantastic cast of well known faces that you will recognize in this film, Richard E Grant, Matthew Horne, Kimberley Walsh, Noel Fielding, Jo Brand, Prunella Scales are to name just a few.

This is the first ever British kid’s movie to be filmed in 3D, however we did not go to the 3D viewing I wasn’t sure that my daughter would like sitting with glasses on through a whole film so we went to the 2D film. During the film I took time to look at the children to see if they were enjoying it and they were really drawn to it. There were lots of giggles from the kids and even some from the adults too.

My daughter is 5 years old and she really enjoyed this film and in her words she said “it was wicked.” My Nephew is 11 years old and he also liked it, when we came out he said “Its the best film I have ever seen.” So if you want to take your children to watch it this summer, it comes highly recommended by my children.





Bretton Water Park Peterborough

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Today I took the kids to Bretton Water Park in Peterborough. Its a lovely water park it has been open just over one year now and the kids love it. The best bit about the park is its FREE. We went this morning whilst the sun was out and had a lovely morning.

We slapped on the suncream and took some brunch and enjoyed the long awaited sunshine. Big Bird got absolutely soaking wet but Little Bird was a bit more reserved, I think he’s not sure about places like this. It might be because when he was 1years old we took him to a big water park and he looked down one of the jets of water and it started up and shot him in the eye, or maybe the water was just to cold for him. I’m not going to lie it was freezing, he poured some water over my feet and I nearly screamed. Its a nice clean water park and I would recommend it to anyone with children. Its a lovely way to cool down. Now lets just hope the warm weather stays so we can visit it again.



Little Birds baby castings – Cast In Time

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When Little Bird was a baby I wanted his hands and feet casts done, I went into Kiddicare in Peterborough and bought the Cast In Time Deluxe casting kit. Cast In Time are a fabulous company that are based in my local area. I was really excited to get the kit home and start making the casts of my 5 week old little man.

We got all our cast right first time and ended up with a beautiful set of my sons hands and feet. Little bird did not mind the casts being done, in fact he slept through it. I painted them up and then the panic set in, I was really worried about sticking them in the frame just in case I did it wrong or made it look messy.


So I rung Rita at Cast In Time and she was fabulous, she asked me to bring the casts and the frame in and she would help me. I was pleased as they are based in Peterborough which is just down the road from me. But even if I wasn’t they have an amazing aftercare scheme set up for people who do struggle or need help and advice. Their whole aim is to make sure you get the perfect casts of your families hands and feet. They truly are there to help and make sure you are happy with your finished frame.


I was really impressed with the aftercare service from Cast In Time and when I took my frame in they advised me that I could do it myself and they would talk me through it, but I was still a little bit worried so I left it there and they put it together for me in my frame. We picked it up a couple of days later. I was really pleased with the final picture, and it now hangs pride of place in my little mans bedroom and I look at it every time I go in there and I can not believe his hands and feet were ever that small.


I enjoyed the whole Cast In Time experience from the moment we bought the kit until the end product was complete. I wanted to share this brilliant product with other Mummies and Daddies. So I contacted them recently and told them about my new venture of blogging and the lovely Rita gave me another kit with extra materials so I could play at home with the family and make some more casts of my childrens hands and feet then post a review for her. I will do another post so you can see how we got on. I am not going to lie, it got a bit messy as the children insisted on helping but I am confident this time that I can stick it altogether at the end by myself. I will finish this one and I will be proud of it, they already look good.

If you would like to visit Cast in time on their Facebook page and even like their page. I know they would really appreciate the support. Also they have given me a fabulous casting kit to give away in a competition, I will be posting this very shortly. So keep your eyes peeled.









Happy Wedding Anniversary Daddy Bird

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Today is my 7th Wedding Anniversary. We took the children back to where we got married and took photos in the places where we had our Wedding Photos taken. We go there every year if the weather is nice and I love looking back at photos of how our family has changed over the years on this special day. I must say our first Anniversary was the best we had photos taken when I was heavily pregnant with Big Bird.

Hubby bought me a new wedding and engagement ring for our anniversary because when we moved into our new house we had them stolen (but that’s another story) so he upgraded them for me as a surprise, they are absolutely beautiful and I love them. I treated him to aftershave which compared to my present seemed pretty poor but what do you buy a man who has everything??????

We got married at Thorpe Hall in Peterborough on 18th June 2004 and it was a beautiful day and the sun was out, unlike today we had to dodge the rain showers, and on the way back to the car the heavens opened and we all got wet. Me and hubby are going out for a meal tonight which is a rare occasion we haven’t really done much together since the children so it will be nice to have time together just the two of us and not have the children asking for the loo, or saying they are hungry.





We have friends coming over to babysit and I know Big Bird will try it on, she likes to tell the babysitter that she is allowed chocolate before bed and she will normally try anything that she knows she is not allowed to do or have normally. So I look forward to coming home and seeing what she tried to get out of the babysitters.


Right I am signing off now and going to get ready to go out. That just leaves me to say Happy Anniversary Daddy Bird. I love you very much and life would not be the same without you xxxxxxxxx