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Trying a New Way to Shop

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Picture this ……. The cupboards are empty, you need to get to the supermarket but you have to take the children with you. Like most parents I dread the moment I have to tell the children we need to go to the supermarket. Little Bird has never liked shopping, as soon as I mention going to the shops he has a meltdown and I end up getting stressed out before I have even got to the door. Walking around a shop with him is a nightmare, he doesn’t look where he’s going, bumps into people, ignores me, and has to touch everything he sees. I recently had a meeting at school with a Little Birds teacher and she suggested I try a new way to shop with him, so I waited until the end of last week to try out the method the school suggested.


If you could visit any City in the UK, where would it be?

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If you could visit any City in the UK, where would it be? Somewhere I have never been but have always wanted to visit is Manchester. Home to the mighty Manchester United FC and the Gallagher brothers its got it all going on there, when I was younger I loved Oasis I went to see them in concert once and absolutely loved it. Although I saw them in London I bet it would have been fantastic seeing them in their home town playing at Manchester Arena it looks like an amazing place, it has over 21,000 seats and is the largest arena of its type in Europe.


#Morrisonsmum – Our Big Bank Holiday Shop

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I was asked by Morrisons through Britmums to spend my Bank Holiday with them as a #Morrisonsmum. I am already a regular shopper at Morrisons so I jumped at the chance of this opportunity and couldn’t wait to get to my local store at Stamford in Lincolnshire to spend my Morrisons Vouchers I had been sent for the purpose of this weekend.

DSCN9934I normally do my food shopping whilst the children are at school because it is quicker for me to get round but this Bank Holiday I left Little Bird with my parents whilst me and Big Bird headed off to do our big Bank Holiday shop.

More reasons to NOT shop at Morrisons!!!

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Did you see what I did there with the title of this post? Everyone’s heard the adverts on the TV with the catchy theme tune for Morrisons, you know the one I am talking about ‘More reasons to shop at Morrisons’  thats the one!!

I normally do my weekly shop at Tescos but around Christmas time I alway shop at Morrisons because they run good deals. Last year they were giving away vouchers with your weekly shop that you could save and get a large amount of money off of your shopping the week running up to Christmas.

So last November I started shopping weekly at Morrisons so I could collect my money off vouchers and put them towards our big Christmas food shop. Two weeks in and I took my Mum shopping with me, I had £140 of shopping in my trolley and when I made my way to the till my Mum asked me how much I had spent. I said “I don’t know, I just grab what I want, I don’t keep count.” with that my Mum turned to me and said “are you mad? you don’t know what you have spent?” and then showed me a piece of paper she had in her hand with a complete price list of everything she had spent and a total at the bottom.

Still not thinking to much about what my Mum had said, I paid for my shopping and we made our way to the car to load it all up. As I was driving home my Mum was looking over her receipt for her shopping and she commented that she was spot on with her total. Turns out my Mum adds all her shopping up as she goes along and at the end she checks every single receipt from any of the supermarkets so she knows exactly what she has spent.

This got me thinking to how I shop, I literally throw anything I fancy into the trolley and never check my receipt. I normally spend over £120 a week on shopping and after talking to my Mum I decided the following week I would check my receipt. That week Daddy Bird came shopping with me and when we walked away from the till and headed towards the car with the shopping I began to check my receipt. I was horrified before I even got to the door when I noticed that Morrisons had an offer on their alchol: 3 packs of Cider for £25 (or something similar) I had only picked up three items because of that deal but I noticed that the lady on the till had put four through the till.

So on that first receipt I checked I had been over charged by £8. I can’t grumble about the customer services at Morrisons because they were fab and gave me my money back instantly, but it got me thinking just how much money have I been over charged in the past and not noticed because I have not checked my receipt.

Since I discovered that first over charging at Morrisons I have continued to check my supermarket receipts and I am shocked just how many times I have been over charged at Morrisons. Since the end of December I have not shopped in Morrisons but at the weekend me and Daddy Bird nipped in because we were over that way. As I was walking out I discovered two errors on my receipt where the offers had not come off. I went straight to customer services for my refund, there was another lady waiting with me who had also noticed she had been over charged and we got talking about checking receipts and like me she had never done it. The lady on customer services commented and said to both of us “You should always check your receipt.” to which I replied “don’t worry I do now.” There were no quibbles at customer services about it and they gave me my money back but again it got me thinking about just how much money Morrisons take off of people every day/week/month/year without them noticing.

I wanted to write this post to warn you that sometimes the offers you see on the supermarket shelves are not actually that good especially when you are paying full price at the till (and I wonder how many times you would have walked by that item on offer when its just its normal price.) In future I will continue to check my receipts and I would suggest you do the same, since December when I started checking my receipts at Morrisons I have been overcharged by £16.00 (bear in mind this is over four food shops I don’t know about you but I think thats pretty disgusting, I dread to think about the rest of the money I have lost over the years that Morrisons have taken from me without me realising!) So please be careful and check your receipts.

Little Shopper Talking Self Service Check Out from Casdon

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Do your children like shopping? If they are anything like my two children they LOVE shopping. Well I have the perfect toy for you, when I got the chance to review the Little Shopper Talking Self Service Check Out from Casdon I jumped at the chance.

The Talking Self Service Check Out is designed for children aged 3 years old to 8 years old. Its fantastic for role play and helping children to pretend that they are doing a real life job, just like the grown ups.

This Talking Self Service Check Out has been specially designed to provide hours of fun and stimulation so your little shopper will feel part of your world while developing essential life skills.

• Role play activities for exploring imagination and developing social skills
• Spoken instructions for interaction and understanding cause and effect
• Realistic toy with lights and sounds for visual and aural stimulation
• Play encourages the development of hand-to-eye co-ordination
• Accessories and components develop problem solving and motor skills
• Different features encourage exploration and discovery
• Numbered buttons, prices and money for development of early counting skills

Both of my children love this Talking Self Service Check Out they have had hours of fun with it. Little Bird loves tills so he insists on being the shop keeper every time leaving Big Bird to be the customer. This set comes well boxed and includes:

  • A bag of money and notes
  • A paper shopping bag
  • Some plastic food and tins
  • A set of labels to stick on the tins
  • Cardboard packs of Birdseye food
  • A credit card to make payments
  • A roll of till receipt
  • Till and shop shelf can be folded up easily, making it perfect for storing.

Little Bird loves working the till and scanning the products with the Light Sensor Scanner. Big Bird’s favourite part was the Chip and Pin Card. She puts the card in her purse and then in her handbag so she feels just like mummy when I do the shopping. I have enjoyed watching them play with this toy, it is funny seeing how they copy the way I do my shopping and how I talk to the staff in shops. I have learnt a lot about myself.

When we went to Tescos this week Little Bird couldn’t wait to tell the lady behind the till that he has his own check out at home. He even said to her ” you can come to my shop and buy something if you like.” I am so proud of my little man he says the cutest things sometimes.

You can buy the Talking Self Service Check Out from Amazon, Tesco Direct, Toymaster, Toys, Hamleys, Very, J D Williams, Top Mark Toys and Shop Direct Group. It is priced around £20 but prices may vary. This would make a perfect Christmas or Birthday Present.



Magic moments

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Thought I would share a lovely moment with you all, yesterday I took Little Bird shopping most of the day. We was on the hunt for Hubbies Birthday presents for next week. Little Bird was really good all day and I treated him to lunch out. On the way home he asked “where are we going now??” I said we was going home and he said “No mummy I want to go to another shop” I thought blimey I have walked you all over town I thought he would have had enough. When I asked him “what shop do you want to go to?” He replied with this little gem “can you take me to Tesco’s I want to buy you some flowers?” Bless his heart how could I refuse. So we headed off to Tescos and he picked the flowers he wanted to buy and said “there you go mummy these are for you. I love you”  This put a big smile on my face for the rest of the day, isn’t it lovely when your children come out with such lovely things, just small things that mean a lot to us ??

I would love to hear any of your magic moments. Please leave a comment.