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Sports Day 2016

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This week it was the childrens sports day at school, it was the first and last sports day that they will ever do together. This year both children are in KS2 so they had their sports day at the same time. Luckily the rain kept away it was cloudy and the sun came out in bursts, we were lucky considering the weather we have had the last two months.


Big Birds Sports Day

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Today was Big Birds Sports Day, the weather was beautiful and the sun beamed brightly in the sky for all the children. Its the first time one of my children have taken part in a KS2 sports day and we really enjoyed watching it. Big Bird was really nervous when I dropped her off at school this morning because she had put her name down for the final run of the day and that was a full lap of the school playing field. Last year Big Bird ran so hard that three quarters of the way around the field she pulled up feeling sick and not being able to breath. Over the weekend I had been talking her through what she needed to do to complete the race without stopping.

Don’t get me wrong I am not a pushy Mother I just wanted to help my girl get through the race. I told her to pace herself, run behind someone to ensure she was in their slip stream and to try and cut the corners of the playing field (because she would always run to the exact corners and the others wouldn’t). All of these things would hopefully get her through the race and to the finish line. Yesterday she came home from school saying she had to do two laps of the field and she was really worried she wouldn’t complete the race.

When I arrived this morning to watch sports day the first thing Big Bird told me was they only had to do one lap of the field and she seemed pleased by the news. I told her she could do it easily as long as she paces herself. I headed over to the playing field where the action was taking place to cheer on the red team. The children took part in circuits for the first half of the morning and it was really well done. They put some of the activities in the orchard so the children were in the shade which was a good idea because it was a really hot morning.

Big Bird did really well and put a lot of effort into everything she was doing. The talk we had in the morning obviously worked as she tried her best to collect as many points as she could for the Red Team. After the circuits we moved over to the race tracks where the children had put themselves down for the races they wanted to do. Big Bird did ………

The Sack Race

The Skipping Race

and the Long Distant Running Race

Big Bird did really well today I am so proud of her, she listened to my advice and paced herself for the long distance race and managed to complete the race for the first time ever. She made me laugh when I ran over to her on the home run, I shouted “right now give it all you have got,” and she replied with ” I haven’t got anything left.”  Bless her.

Big Bird came second in the skipping race, she was really pleased and so was I. I am so proud of how much effort she put in this morning, she tried so hard and didn’t give up, the red team came in third overall.

Well done Big Bird xxx



Little Birds First School Sports Day

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Today was Little Birds first school sports day, the weather was on our side this year and we had a lovely morning at the school. Our school starts off with circuits, the children have to go round each activity and score points that go towards their coloured team. The winning team colour at the end of the day wins a trophy. Little Bird is in the red team and when he walked out on the playing field in his red t-shirt and hat he looked like he was ready for business.

Well what can I say, he looked the part but he wasn’t as keen at taking part. Half way through the circuits he wondered up to me and said ” I am bored now, can I stop.” I told him “no you have to carry on and work for your team”  and sent him back to carry on. The Foundation class look really small against the other children, with the heat against them they all did really well. Little Bird had a go at all the circuits even though he came crashing down on the balance beam, hurt his side and had to be whisked off for an ice-pack.

After the circuits we moved over to the race track, all of the races are voluntary, its up to the children to decide which ones they want to enter. I didn’t realise that and when I found out I thought Little Bird wouldn’t bother with any of them because of what he had said to me on the circuits. But my boy proved me wrong.

I was so proud of Little Bird because he had a go at all the races. In fact he did some of the races twice, I don’t know how but he did.

The apple and spoon race

The sack race

The running race

Little Bird came almost last in all of the races.  He did the apple and spoon race twice, not sure how he managed that but he did. After coming last in the running race he wasn’t giving up so he ran back down to the start line and when I looked again he was in the line up to run again. I couldn’t believe it because I thought he had finished his races. They let him run again and to my surprise my boy came first. I was shocked and proud all rolled into one. Its the first sports day where one of my children have got a first and I was so proud of him. As both of my children are one of the youngest in their classes they don’t normally win much but this was a first and we were going to celebrate it.

Little Bird proud with his first place

Me and Little Bird, so proud of him for not giving up, after a day of winning almost nothing it goes to show if you don’t give up, you work hard, you get there in the end.

Well done to the Red team they came third out of the six teams. I am back tomorrow to cheer on Big Bird for her sports day.

Sports Day fun

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I am so proud of my little girl. Today me, Daddy Bird, Nanny Sutton and Grandad Sutton all went along to Northborough School to cheer on Big Bird. Bless her this year she was embarrassed as we all arrived there to watch her.It probably didn’t help that we was cheering and shouting for her from the side lines, but surely as parents/grandparents isn’t that our job?

It was a really hot morning the sun was out and everyone was on the school field. Big Bird was in the red team it was made up of Reception, and Year 1 pupils. They all did so well and made all their mums and dads proud.

I had told Big Bird that if she did well and came in the top three I would get her a packet on Moshi Monster cards. I know it is probably wrong but there was method in my madness. Its not that I’m a pushy mum and wanted her to win everything, I remember when I was at Primary school doing the three legged race with one of my boy-friends I had grown up with. Just before it started I remember my mum saying to me and Stuart that if we won the three legged race she would buy us both a Mars bars. As everyone was teamed up as one boy and one girl, they all didn’t want to touch each other and they were moaning about being grouped as boy+girl. Well that gave me and Stuart an advantage from the start, as we couldn’t wait to get started and win our mars bars, so we tied our legs together and put our arms round each other and ran so fast we finished miles before anyone else. I remember running down the race track laughing and saying to Stuart “mars bar here we come” then we both were chanting “mars bars, mars bars, mars bars”. As we crossed the finish line.

This memory obviously sticks in my mind and I thought I would give Big Bird a little incentive to run faster, and hopefully something that she would remember about today. She was chuffed to bits as she will do anything for Moshi Monster cards.

[nggallery id=5]


So firstly all the children went round the circuits that were laid out for them, Big Bird did really well,she did Trampoline star jumps, basket ball shoot out, penalty shoot out, balancing over a beam, throwing the beanbags in the bucket, then a mini assault course.

After the circuits the children done a few races, Big Bird came 2nd in the skipping race. I was really impressed she was really good at that. Then she came third in the sack race, bouncy is obviously her thing. Then there was a short running race, she actually came second but the teachers got a little bit confused as there was alot of children about and to Big Bird surprise they gave her the 3rd sticker. She was upset and tried to tell them they were wrong but they just ignored her, as they were busy. Bless her I have checked my  video footage and I can confirm she was 2nd.

Then to finish the morning it was the class run around the school field and I was amazed how far they made them go. Bless them all I could never have done it, it was a very long way. Needless to say Big Bird was right at the back but she tried her best and ran past us with a big smile on her face. The red team came third, and the purple team won the trophy. Right I better get to the shops to get her some Moshi Monster Cards.