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Sports Day 2016

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This week it was the childrens sports day at school, it was the first and last sports day that they will ever do together. This year both children are in KS2 so they had their sports day at the same time. Luckily the rain kept away it was cloudy and the sun came out in bursts, we were lucky considering the weather we have had the last two months.


My Nephew’s Year 6 leaving assembly

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Our school finished on Thursday this week and on Friday morning I was excited about having a lay in, and taking it easy with a nice slow morning with the kids. Well I was until my phone rung at 8.15am. My nephew had phoned me on his way to school and asked me if I would go with my children to his year 6 leaving assembly as his mum and dad could not be there.

This was the moment my slow morning turned into a mad morning, I quickly dressed the kids and got their breakfast and flew out of the front door to get to the assembly at 9.00am. My nephew walked in and looked pleased that we were there so it made all the rushing worth while. The teachers guessed it would be emotional and they left boxes of tissues scattered around the hall, the girls in year 6 were in tears before the assembly even started.

The children sang a couple of songs and then they did a lovely presentation where the children received an autograph book for all the friends to sign, a certificate saying they had completed year 6 (picture on the left) and a CD of photos (these were photos that had been taken of each child through their primary school years). When they received their certificates each child stood at the front of the stage and said what their favourite memory was being at school.

They finished the assembly with a really sad song and the children got on the stage and were hugging each other and most of them were crying their eyes out. It was so sad and emotional it did bring a tear to my eye. Bear in mind this wasn’t even my children’s leaving assembly god knows what I will be like when it is.

Big Bird and her big cousin

My nephew came up at the end and was pleased to see us and asked us to sign his shirt. I wrote “good luck at your new school and study hard” Typical sort of Auntie thing to write. Then Big Bird wrote her name and done a big kiss and a heart on it. She loves her big cousin.


If your reading this Olly (I know he does occasionally read my blog), make sure you knuckle down and work hard at your new school. We are proud of you, you have grown up to be a lovely lad always polite (around us, hopefully around others to) It only seems like yesterday I walked into the maternity unit and heard you arrive into the world. Keep going in the right direction and you will succeed in bigger things when you get older.

Love The Birds xxxx