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This time last week the Bird family visited The Tank Museum in Bovington near Bournemouth. When we arrived in Bournemouth Daddy Bird was keen for us to visit the museum. The museum is based at Bovington Camp this was where  my hubby was based when he was 16years old and he signed up to the army, so he was keen to go and have a look around and show the children where he worked. Its funny because I wonder what my children think when we show them places that we reminisce about. I always remember my parents taking me when I was little to the town where they met, and being unimpressed with them saying “This is where we went to school, or this is where we used to work or this is the bench where we used to eat fish and chips” I always remember it to be quite boring as a child. So I have to ask myself, why O why do I put my kids through exactly the same thing. I love showing them places where we have been and done different things. I now understand why my parents did it to me, I wish I appreciated it a bit more when I was younger. I just hope my children enjoy the information I share with them because I enjoy telling them about our past.

Anyway back to The Tank Museum, this is a place to go if you love Tanks or anything related to soldiers. Its definitely a dads place to go. There were lots of dads walking around with their children explaining things about tanks and the army. It was lovely to see the dads were so into this place. I must say they have 100’s of Tanks in there. Yeah yeah I know what your thinking, its a tank museum what do you expect, but I really wasn’t expecting to see as many as I did, they had loads of different shapes and sizes.

I wasn’t sure how Big Bird would take to this museum as she loves girly things but when we went in they had a quiz which she took part in, she really enjoyed doing it. She had to go around all the tanks and look for the different badges on the side of them, then she had to tick them off her list. This kept her amused the whole time we were in there. I’m pleased to say she did complete the quiz and was chuffed to bits when she found the last one. Little Bird loved looking at the Tanks and walking around with his daddy asking lots of questions about what things were and how they worked (he loves knowing the inside out of everything, he is like a little sponge.)

Daddy Bird enjoyed looking at all the different kinds of tanks. They also had an area for the children where they could dress up as soldiers. There were also a couple of rides scattered around for the children to go on and also an area where children could have a go at shooting an army gun at a computer screen but you had to pay a small price to go on these. There were lots of different areas that the children could look into, press buttons and basically learn more about what the army do.

Big Bird loved looking at the soldiers medals, they provided a magnifying glass for you to look at them closely. She was studying them carefully as she thought she was going to find one of the badges on her list. Little Bird loved the dressing up area he put on the army uniform then said to us “stand back I’m a soldier, I’m here to help” Bless him I think he was getting a little bit muddled up with Fireman Sam.

Around lunch time the Tank museum put on a show with the Tanks. It was really good and they used members of the crowd through the display to show how the army would travel and put pressure on an enemy. This was really interesting, they described everything you would want to know about tanks and how they use them out on the battlefield. They also fired the guns on the tanks used Pyrotechnics. It was so loud and made us all jump. Little Bird wasn’t very keen on the noise but loved watching the tanks drive round in the mud, as it was a wet day they were flinging mud everywhere.

After the display had finished we went and looked around the rest of the museum and then had a look in the gift shop. Little Bird wanted to spend his holiday money on a Army Jacket and Helmet. He loves dressing up and it has become his favourite since returning home.

I would recommend visiting the tank museum it would make a lovely family day out.


Admission prices are :

Adults £12.00

Children £7.50 (under 5yrs are free)

OAP/Disabled £9.00





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  • Kara Guppy


    We love Bovington and you must go during Tank Fest in June as there is so much more to do. Our boys loved the displays and playing in the trenches. Plus you still get a years free entry!!


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