Those moments when you realise you have picked the right person to be around your children

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When I became a single parent I used to worry about finding the right person to be around my children. I never really thought I would ever meet someone else so never really pictured how it would pan out in the future. I feel really lucky having Mr M in my life and around my children, hes a great influence on me and the children. He never fails to make myself or my children laugh or smile and when I sit back and watch him with them I know I picked the right person to be around me and my children.

My children do not see alot of their father as he works away, they have four nights a month with him therefore I am thankful for the male figure I have bought into their little lives. I see Mr M play games with my children, pack their school lunches, make their dinner, make them laugh, tickle them, do silly voices and make up games with them, read them a bedtime story and every time I sit back and thank my lucky stars that I have picked someone that makes my children happy.

6 weeks ago Mr M had surgery on his knee which has left him unable to do alot at home or with all of our children. My children have been really good with him, they have been careful around his leg, they have fetched him anything he needs and they have made him endless cups of tea and carried them through for him so he can sit down and drink it.

I’ve got Mr M out and about when I could in his wheelchair, he has accompanied me to the shops and on the school runs which he doesn’t normally do and every time he has been to the school the children have been so excited to see him. That’s been just one of  the many moments that I have realised I have picked the right man to be around my children.


Today I picked the children up from school as normal but its their weekend with their father so I take them straight round to him on the way home. As I picked the children up from school they started running back to the car and kept asking me if Mr M was in the car. I told the children he was at home resting and they were very disappointed. Mr M had Physio that morning at the hospital where they have finally given him the all clear to drive and the children asked me as soon as we got in the car how he had got on. I told them that he can now drive and he has been given lots of exercises to do to build up the muscles in his leg so he can start walking again.

What I wasn’t expecting was what the children asked me next …. as I said earlier I always take the children straight round to their fathers after school on his weekend with them. Both children knew where they were going today and after they asked me how Mr M had got on at the hospital they both said “can we go home and see him before going to dads, we want to check he’s ok?” bless them and that was just another moment when I realised I picked the right man to be around my children!

I told the children no and explained they had not seen their father for nearly two weeks and that they have seen loads of Mr M so they would have to wait until Sunday to see him as their father was waiting. It wasn’t until I got home and told Mr M what the children had said that I thought it was so lovely that my children think so much of him. We are all very lucky to have Mr M in our lives, he is going to make a fantastic husband and stepfather to my children, we all love him to bits.

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