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When I was offered the opportunity to review the Zoingo Boingo we literally jumped at the chance. Instantly memories from my childhood came flooding back to me of when I was little bouncing around the park on my Pogo Ball it was called back in my day. The Zoingo Boingo is like the old Pogo balls but it has a stretchy attachment and handle. Its definitely a new way to have fun and keep fit at the same time.


I blew up the Zoingo Boingo whilst the children were at school mainly because I wanted to have a go first and see if I could still do it. Its really easy to assemble all you need is a bike pump and you are away. There is a valve attachment inside the box for your pump, you simply put the valve in the deflated Zoingo Boingo and start pumping. You have a choice of how hard you would like it blown up, for a softer bounce just don’t over fill it. If your like me and like it hard you just put as much air in as you can get. There is a cardboard inflation guide in the box that tells you when you have put the right amount of air in to insure you do not over fill it.


Why Walk? Why Run? It’s much more fun when you can Zoingo Boingo. This Flexible Freestyle Pogo lets you move like never before. Zoingo Boingo will jump and spin on the pavement and on grass. The stretchable cord is connected to a custom grip handle at one end with a sure-grip foot platform and durable bouncing ball connected at the other, giving you awesome control and manoeuvrability.

When I first tried the Zoingo Boingo I thought I would struggle to get on it but I remembered what to do and picked it up straight away. Mr M thought I was bonkers as I was bouncing around the lounge saying “I can’t believe I remembered how to do it!” I have definitely still got it, I remember it being one of my favourite toys as a child, I spent hours bouncing around the house, garden and park it came everywhere with me.


It took the children a little while to pick up the Zoingo Boingo but they got it in the end. Big Bird is best on it, she has loads of patience and determination and I knew she would get it first. She absolutely loves it, its the perfect toy to get children outside having fun. Not only is it a fab outside toy its a great way to keep fit, Big Bird can now do over 200 bounces before having a break its a fantastic and fun way to exercise.

We love the Zoingo Boingo and think every household should have one. We would definitely give this 10 out of 10, so why not pick one up today and get yourself outdoor and start bouncing!!

Zoingo Boingo is aimed at both boys and girls aged 8 and over and comes in three different colours orange, yellow and green and retails at £24.99.

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